MyZenTeam is part of The Remote Company. We’re a network of remote-first tech companies that hire people from all over the globe. For years, we searched for a hiring tool that allowed us to engage the remote workforce in a meaningful way.

When we could not find one, we built MyZenTeam.

As an internal tool, we used MyZenTeam to talk with over 7000 candidates and hire 130 of them while earning a 5/5 rating on Glassdoor. With those results, we knew other remote and hybrid companies could transform their hiring with MyZenTeam!

The mission is to deliver a positive, streamlined hiring experience for candidates by interacting with them through every step of the recruiting process and allowing other team members to participate in the process—remotely.

We believe that hiring is an important part of your marketing. You need to leave a positive impression on the people you hire—and those you don’t! Candidates that didn't get the job can always improve their skills or apply to a different position. And they can still recommend your company! That's why every single applicant receives a first-class experience.

We’re now sharing MyZenTeam with you to bring harmony to your hiring processes. Are you ready to attract talented, motivated people from around the world?

Happy hiring!

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