What a year this week has been.

Have you heard this phrase? Since 2019, most of us have experienced weeks that felt more like years. The world has changed in so many ways.

Now is the perfect time to stop and rethink the way we work, communicate and build relationships in our organizations. 

At MyZenTeam, we believe that organizations can become more harmonious. Become more intentional with communication and respect people’s time. Become more thoughtful about how to build relationships and empower team members. 

Did you know that 88% of Millennials would rather text than talk on the phone? Then why are recruiters still scheduling calls and video chats to screen candidates? Couldn’t it be done asynchronously on their terms? 

The same goes for team meetings. We once heard about a company that had a daily, non-work-related call with their 50 managers, where everyone shared their favorite songs. Do you really think the call contributes to company culture? Especially when you can have a Spotify playlist for your team and share your favorite songs there. Asynchronously. On your time. Plus, you can listen to the list and add more songs whenever you want. Here’s our playlist

For 8 years, we’ve worked remotely with our global team based in 14 different time zones. To maintain harmony, we had to find creative ways to stay connected, build meaningful relationships and work effectively as a team. 

MyZenTeam is an tool that was born to address our needs and experiments that helped us thrive as a organization.

We believe that asynchronous communication is the key to a team’s productivity and employee happiness. 

MyZenTeam first launched an asynchronous hiring solution and will soon offer a module for asynchronous management.

MyZenTeam is an tool that was born to address our needs and experiments that helped us thrive as a organization.

The first version of the product was created on a weekend during the hackathon when we needed a solution for our hiring process

Since then, we have used MyZenTeam to talk with over 7000 candidates and hire 130 of them while earning a 5/5 rating on Glassdoor

MyZenTeam is a part of The Remote Company that unites six products. We’ve been in the SaaS business for more than 10 years.

Oli Gardner from Unbounce inspired us to ask candidates to go the extra mile to apply for a position. Read more about it here

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MyZenTeam is a team of 5 people that lives on 3 different continents and speaks 9 languages, so we have to communicate thoughtfully




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