MyZenTeam is a hiring platform where you can create job listings, collaborate with your team and choose the right candidate for the role.



Custom application forms enable you to ask candidates the questions that matter.

Custom scorecards

Create a list of attributes needed to be successful in the role to leave less room for bias.

Default settings

Set job creation default steps so you can publish a job listing in minutes.

Branded careers page

Add your logo, brand colors, social media links and company images.

Custom pipeline

Customize each stage of the hiring pipeline for every job listing.

Customized URL (coming soon)

Set up a custom domain to your MyZenTeam career page.


Multiple recruiting pipelines

Visual overview of how candidates are moving through the hiring stages for each open position.

Recruitment reports

Get insights from hiring metrics to reflect and improve your recruiting experience.

Rejection reasons

Keep track of why the candidates were rejected to analyze the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts.

Images in job ads

Make your job ads more personal by adding images of your team.

Candidate profiles

Candidate information, applications, ratings and emails all in one place.

Pipeline overview (coming soon)

See the total number of candidates in each stage to follow their journey and get insights into where most of them drop out.


Feedback notes

Use the notes section to you share your impressions on the candidate with your teammates.

Team collaboration

Assign a hiring manager and team members who you will collaborate with on the hiring decisions for the position.


Get notified when a team member mentions you.


Tag a team member to update them or ask for input.


Adopt scorecards with the hiring team to evaluate candidates against a consistent standard and channel your discussions.

Account permissions

Organize your hiring teams and personalize access.


Email templates

Maintain high-quality communication every step of the way with email templates.

Organized Inbox

Have a clear view of new replies and applications so you can take action directly and keep every candidate in the loop.

NPS survey (coming soon)

Use NPS surveys to identify the bottlenecks in your hiring process and make the right changes.

Pinned emails

Pin important emails so that they are always at your fingertips.

Candidate application via email

Skip the application form if you don’t need it and use our job listing editor to create beautiful job ads only.

Talent pool

Save candidates that impressed you to consider for future positions.


Automation (coming soon)

Set up flows so that personalized messages reach the right people at the right time.

Zapier integration

Zapier allows you to connect MyZenTeam with 3000+ apps to automate your work.


GDPR compliance

Ensure GDPR compliance by removing personal candidate information.

The approach to hiring the best people is way bigger than any applicant tracking system.

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