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Let’s set up your company account and prepare your hiring platform. In the sidebar, click on Settings to open the dropdown menu.


This section is the backbone of your job listing editor. Here, you can choose default settings for each step of the hiring process, so that you don’t have to complete all the information from scratch each time. You can customize this for each job listing.


In recruitment, scorecards are used for consistent candidate evaluation. As your candidates move through the pipeline, the hiring team will use the scorecards to assess them in a consistent and objective way.

When creating job listings, you will be able to add scorecards that are specific to that position. Create relevant scorecards that help you determine if a candidate is a good fit for your company.

Remember to add descriptions so that all interviewers are aligned on what each criteria means.


Every job listing has a hiring pipeline that covers all stages of your hiring process, from application to rejection or offer. Create stages to track how candidates are moving through the pipeline.

Once you have active job listings, the pipelines will show you how each vacancy is progressing. It can help identify some bottlenecks in your process, or hint at whether it’s time to deactivate the job listing or boost your talent search.

Application form

Next, prepare the application form that candidates will complete when applying. Include questions about their contact information, as well as screening questions to help you decide who should advance to the next hiring step.

Job templates

Create templates for job positions to save time and ensure that all job listings have the necessary information and follow the same structure. When it’s time to open a vacancy, you’ll be able to select the template, customize it for the specific job and then you’re ready to publish!

Email templates

Finally, create email templates to efficiently communicate with candidates. Remember, hiring is a part of marketing, so each interaction counts.


Here you can prepare the base for your job listings. Create a catchy introduction for your candidates, anddd social media links that will be visible in the job ads.

Add your logo, brand colors and images to reflect your company’s branding.

Finally, set up a success message to thank candidates for applying and let them know what to expect next.

Account settings

Set up your account name and identify the timezone you’re in. Enter your sender email. This is the email address that will be used for communication with candidates. Add your receiving emails (the inboxes that you want to forward to MyZenTeam).


Next, visit ‘Users’ and add your teammates who will be using MyZenTeam. Assign roles according to how much they will be involved in hiring.


Has full access, can make company-level changes.


Can create job listings and interact with related candidates, but settings and templates are view-only.

Team member

Can review and evaluate the applications they are assigned to.


Can be fully customized which sections the user has access to.

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