Hiring is about humans, not numbers

The approach to hiring the best people is way bigger than any applicant tracking system.

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“MyZenTeam helped us build relationships with 7000+ candidates, hire 130 people and receive a 5/5 rating on Glassdoor. You can, too!”

Karina People & Culture at The Remote Company

The 7 Stages to Hiring your Zen Team

Discover the wisdom behind healthy hiring, and the features you'll need to delight applicants at every stage.


Release assumptions and invite the unexpected

The best person for the job is not always the one pictured in your head. Enable applicants to express themselves beyond the CV, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by who you find.


Give the same respect that you desire for yourself

All people, the qualified and unqualified, deserve appreciation for the effort they give to your hiring process. Respect starts by responding to every applicant in a timely and personal way.


Declutter the process to see clearly

More and more features don’t bring hiring happiness. Just the opposite. Watch what happens when you remove the clutter from the hiring process to see what you need—and what you don’t.


Effortless collaboration produces consensus

Hiring is never one person’s burden. By making it easy for the decision-makers to rate applicants, provide feedback, and review tasks, the path to the right hire becomes obvious.


Words are powerful, use them wisely

Written communication offers a window into how and what we think. The same goes for the people you’re hiring. Straightforward and personal written communication strengthens relationships.


Wisdom comes from good and bad experiences

When we reflect on past experiences, we make wiser decisions in the present. Hiring metrics based on applicant experiences will help you improve the process for future candidates.


You reap the relationships you sow

Exceptional applicant experiences produce 5-star reviews—even from those you did not hire. Hiring is now marketing, and effective marketing starts with authentic and honest experiences.

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The approach to hiring the best people is way bigger than any applicant tracking system.

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