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To belong is to matter.

Get the culture-defining employee engagement platform that enables your team to build lasting connections and celebrate achievements. Feel the pulse of the team like never before.

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Keep all people data in one place

Never get lost in spreadsheets, paper files and Notion tables again. Manage all of your people data in one organized and secure database.

Edit essential information and regulate access to sensitive data in real time from any device. People data shouldn't be complicated.

A safe space for inclusive teams

Designed to understand differences. Discover different interests and celebrate milestones such as upcoming birthdays, national holidays and workaverseries.

Derive valuable insights from your people data to create a safe, positive, and inclusive space for better collaboration and connection.

Customize for better people data

Need better people data to develop and sustain team productivity? Uncover what drives your team.

From ‘How to Work With Me’ manuals to personality types, customize fields to collect people data that you need the most to build a highly effective team.

Transforming gratitude

Peer recognition motivates team members. Our Wall of Gratitude enables teams to express gratitude openly and celebrate the good stuff. Let's build positive habits together.

Easy to set up, easy to use

Import files from Google Sheets and Notion to help you set up MyZenTeam. New team members will easily get and include their information. Our support team will be there for you 24/5.

Automatic Slack engagement

Automatically send custom greetings for workaversaries and birthdays on Slack. Be the first to wish your colleagues. Celebrate each other and each other's success!

“MyZenTeam is a time-saver. It’s easier than ever to manage all team data, include new team members and start new Slack channels to engage with our team.”

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