How to Hire Better with DiSC Personality Tests

by Nicole

Personality tests are a great way to get to know yourself better - your communication style, blindspots, and much more! Let's dive into how DiSC testing helps you build better teams that achieve more.

Not only do personality tests help you understand your skills, but they can also be used to help find the right people to add to your team. 

Most managers aren’t just looking for skills, but also personalities and mindsets that will make the team work better together. Plus, the best thing about personality tests is that they have no right or wrong answers. You don’t have to worry about trying to look better than you are!

Each team member can also use this knowledge to write a ‘How to Work with Me’ Manual to encourage a better understanding of each other’s work styles and collaboration. It’s a great opportunity to have open conversations about how to collaborate, share ideas, and discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses (check out The Remote Company’s experiment with different personalities for inspiration!). 

How to Hire Better Employees with DiSC Testing?

hire better employees with DiSC testing for better collaboration

DiSC testing is an excellent tool to help identify the potential strengths and weaknesses of individual employees. By understanding a person's DiSC profile, employers can better equip their team with the skills and traits necessary for successful collaboration. 

DiSC can also help to identify areas of potential conflict, as well as areas of potential strengths, that could help to make a team more successful. Furthermore, DiSC can help foster an environment of trust, respect, and understanding among team members, leading to increased productivity, creativity, and engagement.

Hire Better by Understanding the 4 Dominant Personality Types

Here’s a summary of the 4 DiSC personality types you will come across:

Dominant (D): Leader, assertive, ambitious, driven, risk-taker, competitive. They are not afraid to take risks, are highly competitive, and enjoy taking charge.

Influential (i): Outgoing, charming, persuasive, social, energized. They are great at connecting with people and thrive in social situations. 

Steady (S): Patient, reliable, loyal, stable, team player. They prefer to work in a stable environment and take a long-term approach to their goals.
Conscientious (C): Focused, analytical, detail-oriented, problem-solver, and perfectionist. They are excellent problem solvers and prefer a systematic approach to their work.

"What happens if a team is mostly made up of one DiSC personality type?"

If a team is majority Dominant (D)... Innovation or rivalry can lead

Dominant teams are the most innovative teams and they get things done, fast. However, competition and rivalry can lead to grudges between members and hurt cooperation. Making decisions could be difficult with a take-charge attitude, and the D-type may take on too much responsibility. Let's work together to delegate tasks evenly!

If a team is majority Influential (i)... Teamwork makes the dream work

Team members with an i-type personality are great for achieving goals! They're creative, persuasive, and think outside the box, but may take longer to decide. They're pros at developing innovative solutions, inspiring others to work together, and managing conflicts. They get everyone on the same page and focused on the shared mission.

If a team is majority Steady (S)... The steady way to success?

Team members with a Steady personality type are loyal, reliable, and patient – a team you can count on. Plus, they know how to work together to get things done and solve problems. They may lack creativity but persevere like no other personality type.

If a team is majority Conscientious (S)... prefers quality over speed

Team members with a C personality type will bring their attention to detail and commitment to quality. Expect an organized, efficient, and structured environment where accuracy matters. You can count on them to follow processes and be reliable. Quality over speed is their motto.

"What happens if a team lacks one DiSC personality type?"

If a team has no Dominant (D)... no decisions will be made!

No team is complete without a Dominant (D) type! With a D on the team, decisions are made quickly and delegates are easily assigned. Reach consensus faster and take initiative with confidence. A Dominant gets the job done.

If a team has no Influential (i)... there will be a lack of social cohesiveness and creativity!

With this type of person, creativity can blossom and collaboration will soar! They have the power to persuade and motivate and bring out-of-the-box thinking to the table. They manage conflicts and keep the team focused on what matters most: achieving the goal!

If a team has no Steady (S)... it won’t be as efficient or positive!

With a sense of loyalty and commitment, they'll help your team work together to make decisions quickly and efficiently. Plus, their positive attitude and willingness to compromise will help build trust and collaboration - essential for any successful team.

If a team has no Conscientious (C)... there will be no process or organization!

With a Conscientious (C) personality type on the team, they’ll prioritize quality over speed and be reliable and dependable. We'll stick to the process and minimize mistakes - no worries!

Why is it Important to Have Different Personality Types in a Team?

a team with at least 3 different DiSC personality types

Mix it up! Different personality types on your team make for a winning combination. With various perspectives and ideas, you'll create solutions out of this world! Plus, you'll foster collaboration, trust, and respect among team members. These are certainly things to keep in mind when you are hiring. 

Fun fact: What is the rarest DiSC personality type? Dominant. They form about 9% of the global workforce! Meanwhile, Steady is the most common one.

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